African Contemporary Art Gallery | OOA Gallery

Founded in 2013, OOA Gallery (Out of Africa Gallery) is situated in the heart of Sitges, a picturesque seaside resort south of Barcelona with a rich history and cultural heritage. Our focus is on promoting contemporary African art, and we collaborate closely with a distinguished array of international artists, collectors, patrons, art fairs, and museums across Europe, North America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Our commitment lies in providing a distinctive platform for both emerging and established artists to convey their unique narratives, values, and experiences through their artistic prowess. We strive to support them in exploring, growing, and flourishing in their artistic practice. Embracing the spirit of growth and exploration, our gallery has now expanded its presence to one of the major global art capitals, London. OOA GALLERY London aims to broaden our reach, influence, and reputation, contributing to our ambitious international program and agenda.

OOA GALLERY hosts contemporary art exhibitions eight times a year, showcasing established or emerging African artists recognized for their freedom of expression and the originality of their artistic language. Additionally, we actively participate in four international art fairs annually.

To enhance our support for the artists we represent, OOA GALLERY launched in April 2023 a space dedicated to artistic residencies in Olivella, Barcelon. This inspiring location, set in a natural verdant environment, offers full accommodation and high-quality materials, creating an ideal setting to encourage artistic creation and intercultural exchanges. The experience will be further enriched through interviews with Catalan and Spanish art and culture journalists, as well as meetings with international collectors based around Barcelona.